Earned Value Analysis for Project Management Institute Exams

Earned Value Analysis for Project Management Institute Exams

This option includes practice questions similar to those found on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) certification exams. Unlike the exams, you are also asked to explain your reasoning for your choice.

If you wish to practice for the PMP exam, this option may be useful to you. If you already are certified or if you have no desire to be certified, you may still select this option. It will give you an opportunity to test your skills. You may find Table 7-1 in the PMBOKĀ® Guide of use in this Critical Thinking assignment.

Assignment Requirements:

  • Use      the worksheet provided for this assignment: docx
  • You      only need to include your name, answer to the 10 questions, and provide      your reasoning for each answer.
  • Type      your answers and reasoning in a Word file for submission. There are no      requirements for research or APA format.

A rubric will not be used to grade this assignment; rather, each correct answer earns five points, and each correct reason for the answer selected earns 7.5 points.

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