Is the rise of regionalism a response to globalisation? Discuss using relevant conceptual and empirical arguments

• A brief overview of the structure
• The key argument(s) being made
• The relevant concepts or theories used
• An appropriate and critical engagement with the topic
• Use of relevant empirical examples/case studies
• Full bibliography (to be presented at the end of the power point presentation)
• A question which will provide the basis for a class discussion following the
Coursework 2 – Presentation Report:
The aim of this 1000-word report is to develop ideas discussed and questions asked during
the delivery of the presentation. This will allow the development of analytical and critical
investigative skills, along with skills of communication and presentation. This can be written
in the style of a mini essay, in which you can further elaborate on concepts raised in the
presentation, and also offer references to the relevant resources used.
Coursework 3 – Essay:
Writing an essay offers the opportunity to develop and apply your research skills and
knowledge, using empirical and theoretical analysis related to the field of global
governance. You may select one of the essay titles below. The individual essay provides you
with an opportunity to develop your research skills and apply your knowledge to important
empirical and theoretical questions. You are expected to organise and analyse your research
materials, present information and assess competing explanations from primary and
secondary sources.
Please select one question from the following list. The topic of your essay should be different
than that of your Presentation. You need to address the selected question using relevant
conceptual and empirical analysis:

  1. Is the rise of regionalism a response to globalisation? Discuss using relevant conceptual
    and empirical arguments.
  2. What roles do Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) play in global governance? Why
    are some governments wary of NGOs’ roles and activities?
  3. Can Trans-National Criminal Organisations be considered as a category of actors in global
    governance? Use relevant examples to demonstrate your argument.
  4. What is the concept of ‘Division of Labour’, and how does it contribute to a better
    understanding of global inequality?
  5. Is global governance possible without governments? Discuss the notion of
    governance and the architecture of global governance.
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