Discuss “post-apocalyptic” movies and how such a scenario could potentially impact thinking about international relations theory in the future

Watch one of the following “post-apocalyptic” movies (list of movies at bottom) and discuss how such a scenario could potentially impact thinking about international relations theory in the future. Must be at least 750 words. 

To answer the question, you can either (select ONLY ONE of the three methods listed below for answering the question):

  1. Select one specific theory already discussed in the class and write about how the turn of events in the movie would challenge (or reinforce) that theory. 

  2. Discuss how the turn of events in the movie would affect component parts of the many theories we discussed (i.e. a zombie apocalypse would likely challenge the notion of anarchy between states promoted by Realism, as states would likely unite under one-world government to fight the zombies on a global scale and develop a hierarchical order based on military strength.  Whereas Constructivism would likely be better suited to explain a zombie apocalypse because as the zombie apocalypse took place it would challenge historical forms of identity between states and as they began to cooperate to survive would no longer necessarily see themselves as competitors in a world of limited resources, but rather compatriots in a fight for survival.  Thus, it would be able to be able to better explain what would likely be completely reconstructed notions of identity between distinct states across the world.  With regards to Marxism…”

  3. You can develop a completely new theory that could explain the turn of events in the movie.  Creativity here is welcome!  Do not worry about sounding academic or abiding by the strictures of academic writing.  I will grade based on creativity and imagination…so have fun with this route if you so decide to select it. 

Important Note:  The content of most of these movies may be disturbing and/or may offend individual beliefs.  If you have any issue finding a movie to watch, or with the overall nature of the assignment, please contact me and we can work on an alternative.  The intent of the assignment is to unleash creativity and critical thinking, considering alternative future scenarios and their potential impact on international relations.  It is not to instill fear or to generate anxiety.  Again, let me know if you have any issues. 

Separately, you should be able to find one of these movies through a streaming service you already pay for, for free online, or through the university library.  If you cannot, and do not want to pay the small fee to watch one, then let me know and we can find an alternative assignment. 

Movie List (with links to trailers to help you decide which you would like to watch):

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