The following night, when the king got into bed and Shahrazad got in with him, her sister Dinarzad said

The following night, when the king got into bed and Shahrazad got in with him, her sister Dinarzad said, “Please, sister, if you are not sleepy, tell us one of your lovely little tales to while away the night.” Shahrazad replied, “Very well”:

Once upon a time, a man died in a village. At that time, it was a village where there were not many murders and many people thought it was a good place to live. In addition, the village leader felt very displeased and uncomfortable with the murder while he was serving as leader. So the village leader ordered investigators to investigate the person’s death and pressured them to find the culprit quickly. So investigators began their investigation but found no clues. So investigators eventually decided to tamper with the case to conclude it. They collected data from a similar or violent criminal background in the town and began to accuse the easiest of them of the perpetrator. The man was unjustly taken to the investigation room and tortured and interrogated. The man kept denying his crime and complaining of injustice. Investigators began to falsify documents, falsify statements and manipulate cases at their disposal. One day, the man who is pointed as a murderer shouted “I am not the criminal and investigators are trying to manipulate the case”, so many people passing by heard it. Rumors of investigators tampering with the case gradually spread in the town, and investigators eventually kill the man. Eventually, the case ended with the criminal’s suicide and the investigators were awarded medals or became heroes for their service. But one of the investigators was guilt stricken and accidentally overstepped where the crime happened and looked around, recalling memories of the time. What caught his eye at the time was a small clue that he didn’t find at the time and it was a very important clue to tell him that the dead man was the culprit. The final fact was investigators manipulated the case, and the man was the murderer. The investigator threw the evidence into the river with a bitter look on his face.

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