Final Project Instructions Math 364 Spring 2021

Final Project Instructions Math 364 Spring 2021

Your final project for this semester will be a typed paper at least 3 pages in length.

This should be TYPED (Microsoft Word, LaTeX, Google Doc, etc), and you must include screenshots of LP Assistant work, or formulas in Excel if you end up using Solver.

There are five points you will need to cover in this paper, you must do all five:

  1. Develop a linear programming model. This has unlimited possibilities, but you will need to explain a problem and state the objective function, constraints, and what the variables mean. Some examples: Maximizing the number of ski trips that can be taken on a set budget, maximizing happiness in college based on hours of homework/exercise/social interaction, minimizing pollution emissions while still meeting production of cars, etc. Feel free to explore the book for ideas, but your model must be unique and developed by you. (As a reminder, cheating will result in a zero for the project and you will be reported to the Academic Integrity Board).
  2. Use the simplex method in either LP Assistant or Solver to find an optimal solution to your model.
  3. Explain what the optimal solution means in the context of the problem.
  4. Find the dual of your model.
  5. Find an optimal solution to the dual, either by solving using the simplex method or using complementary slackness.

Your model should have at least 4 variables (not including slack/artificial) and at least 2 constraints, though you’re welcome to include more. If you use any outside sources, you must properly cite the sources in APA format.

The rubric is as follows:

70 Points – Meeting all five requirements

25 Points – Model is of appropriate difficulty and makes sense

40 Points – Model and solution are discussed in full context of the problem 15 Points – Legibility, formatting, paper is readable, includes screenshots, etc

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