For this team project, you will compare and contrast organizational environments

Here are the original instructions given. However, due to the unfortunate case that no one in my group responded to me, I have been told that instead of 8 topics and 6 pages that for a single person it’ll be 3-4 topics. Also to not worry about the length of the paper so but would like to at least have 3 pages if possible but 4 would be appreciated. topics attached.

A major goal of this course is to encourage you to build learning communities within the course. Your instructor will enroll you in a team. Each team will be composed of three to five classmates.

For this team project, you will compare and contrast organizational environments. Your team will select between 8 and 10 factors to analyze at your workplace, school, or observed organization, to compare and contrast with teammates. Factors to analyze should be chosen from the Team Project Factors downloaddocument. Each team will need to conduct a review of each factor selected, accurately describing the factor, followed by examples from each member’s organization. Your team will need to review the published research literature on each factor to provide a full and accurate description of that factor.

This assignment is worth 150 points and will be based upon the following requirements:

The thoroughness, accuracy, and insightfulness of the coverage of each factor.
The paper should have a minimum of four scientifically recognized references (consult the online library research databases), one of which can be the textbook.
The complete project/paper should contain a minimum of six pages of content.
The paper should be double-spaced with a 12-point Times New Roman font.
Your paper should have a one-inch margin all around the text.
All completed projects must be in APA format, contain correct spelling and grammar, and correct sentence and paragraph format.
In addition to the content pages, there should be a title page at the beginning of the paper containing the title of your paper, the team name, and the names of the students who participated in developing the paper, the course number and name, and the term and year.
Text should begin on the next page.

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