The Summer My Grandmother Was Supposed to Die

  • Short story: The Summer My Grandmother was supposed to die.
  • Write a character analysis of the main character/s (1 to 2 characters).
  • Review the setting and turn of events in the short story.
  • Your Theme : Motherly Love
  • What is the author’s message (the main idea).
  • Revise all sentences above, then write a draft of your thesis.
  • NOTES: The following three statements are not thesis statements:
  • Mothers love their daughters unconditionally. Society does not support single mothers. Success motivates individuals to ask for more.
  • Reread your thesis and write your second draft of the thesis: Do you have an argument? Is it debatable? Can you support it with three key idea?
  • Finally, write 3 key ideas to support the thesis.
  • NOTES: To revise sentence structure (review the structure of sentences verb tense (use the present tense), word choice, and word form (no contractions: they don’t/can’t/isn’t is not permitted)

The task is to submit: the theme, the main idea, your revised thesis (the thesis is your argument/one sentence) and the organizing statement (One sentence for all 3 key ideas)

This homework is worth 5 points. NOTES:

Theme: 0.5 points

Main idea (a full sentence): 1 point (grammar 0.40 and content 0.60)

Thesis: 2 points (grammar 0.75 and content 1.25)

Organizing Statement: 1.5 points (grammar 0.5 and content 1)

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