Using Photographic Ethnography to Explore Surveillance and Social Control

Each student will take 6-8 (six to eight) unique photographs which embody the concepts of, can be used as a metaphor for, or represent surveillance and/or social control in Canadian society (be creative!). Each photograph must be unique and focus on different facets of surveillance and/or social control. For example, you cannot take more than one photograph of a security camera.

Students will work individually on this project and use their cell phone cameras, digital cameras, and/or other type of camera to complete this assignment. Note: students MUST take their own original photos and cannot use photos from the internet or any other source (<link is hidden> you cannot use someone else’s photographs). Photographs must also be taken specifically for this assignment (<link is hidden> students cannot re-use photographs they have previously taken). Students who do not use their own original photos for this assignment will not be eligible for any credit (<link is hidden> will earn 0/25 on this assignment).

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