How would you suggest the use of Pathway to Excellence for smaller hospitals?

People worldwide have been affected by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, which has caused destruction, sudden sickness, pressure, and difficulty. Developing a welcoming practice atmosphere on the Covid-19 platform encourages long-term success and creativity. Organizational certificates from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet’s Recognition Program and Pathway to Excellence recognized as valuable by nursing representatives. The programs have aided countless medical institutions worldwide in establishing the infrastructure required to foster an environment that values protection, efficiency, and creativity. These elite qualifications have been shown in research to increase various critical indicators, including nurse participation, nurse engagement, inter-professional coordination, patient care, efficiency, and results.

Moreover, many organizations, including Robert Wood Johnson New Brunswick, have successfully improved various core metrics, including nurse participation, nurse satisfaction, inter-professional cooperation, patient care, efficiency, and outcomes, by implementing Pathway and Magnet systems. However, a concern emerged about the comparison between the two systems.

The Pathway to Excellence program honors healthcare facilities around the treatment spectrum that foster high-performing nursing environments (Harris et al., 2020). Organizations must show that the six Pathway criteria, such as protection, shared decision-making, efficiency, and leadership, to name a few, are entirely applied in the company to receive the designations. The magnet identification program necessitates that healthcare institutions satisfy eligibility criteria and discuss expectations in five main components: structural empowerment, outstanding best practice, innovative expertise, inventions, and reforms. According to Pathway, the ANNC maintains that any nurse needs to work in a healthy environment; nevertheless, the Covid-19 pandemic forced nurses to work in high-risk environments on the front lines of healthcare, dedicating their professional lives to preserving, supporting, and enhancing health care for everyone

Please chose two of the three questions to answer.

How would you suggest the use of Pathway to Excellence for smaller hospitals?
Do you agree with the idea that Pathway to Excellence benefits only nurses? Why or Why not?
Validate the idea that Pathway to Excellence is not a stepping –stone to ANNC’s Magnet Recognition Program.

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