Good Husbands in Bad Marriages Revisited

Your essay should be approximately 1000 words. Choose one or more works of poetry, fiction, or drama from the Schedule of Assignments and write an argumentative essay in which you present your interpretation of some aspect of the work(s) you have chosen and try to convince the reader that your interpretation is correct, using mainly the text of the work(s) as evidence. You may use works from outside the Schedule of Assignments with my approval first. Do not do any kind of research for your essay. Citations are not required. Do not write about non-fiction works. Study carefully the lectures and resources “Aspects of Literature”, “What is Poetry”, “How to Write the Papers for this Class”, “How to Prove an Argument”, “Elements of a Solid Literary Analysis Essay”, “Pitfalls in Writing About Literature”, “Good Husbands in Bad Marriages Revisited” and the example student essays before your write. Make sure your work is virtually free of any kind of mechanical or grammatical errors before you submit it.

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