CDC Heads Up Concussion Program

Case Study Presentation Topics: POWERPOINT PRESENTATION

Choose one of the following topics listed below for you PowerPoint presentation.

1. CDC Heads Up Concussion Program

2. Veto Violence CDC Program

3. Teen Driving and Distracted Driving

4. Drunk Driving among College Students

5. Cyber Bullying and Suicide

6. It’s Up To Us San Diego Mental Health Program

7. Opioid Overdose Deaths

8. STEADI CDC Injury Prevention Program

Guide for Presentation:

  • 10 to 15 maximum presentation material/slides
  • Introduction or background
  • Discuss the burden of the public health problem
  • What is the Injury prevention program?
  • Must have a conclusion/summary and references
  • The last slide of you presentation must have the name of group members and  topic assigned to the member for the presentation.

Grading of Presentation: (Total Possible Points = 25)

1. Content of the presentation = 19 points

  • Introduction = 3 points
  • Burden of the Problem = 3 points
  • Public Health Significance = 3 points
  • Prevention Programs to Address Injury Impacts = 5 points
  • Summary = 3 points
  • References and Sources = 2 points
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