Tuesdays with Morrie

Compose a speech/eulogy of two to three minutes in length (about 500-750 words) on the following topic, and outline the oral presentation techniques you will use:
Imagine that you are Morrie’s wife, Charlotte. The day of Morrie’s “living funeral” has arrived. You are surrounded by family and Morrie’s closest friends. As his wife, you are going to share some of your fondest memories of Morrie with those gathered to celebrate his life. (You may wish to reread this section in the text; see pages 11-13)

In your speech, address some or all of these topics
The impact Morrie had on your life
The lessons you learned from Morrie
How you will go on after he is gone
Excerpts from Morrie’s favourite poet, <link is hidden> Auden
Morrie’s use of aphorisms

Use a table that has similar headings to the example that follows (or brainstorm your eulogy using another ormat, if you wish). In the left-hand column, write your speech or eulogy to Morrie, as if you are his wife, Charlotte. Since there is not a lot of information about Charlotte, you will need to use your abilities to infer and draw conclusions from the information that is provided. In the right-hand column, include point-form notes on the oral speaking techniques you would use. Consider how you would use the following:
Facial expression
Gestures and/or body language
Tone of voice

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