In “Half the Sky” we meet women and girls from around the world

The response paper will be
from the book “Half the sky”. Please respond to the following 3 questions: (all questions are
from “Half the Sky” book).
1. In “Half the Sky” we meet women and girls from around the world. What
concerns/issues of women did you notice in developing countries. (List at least five
and discuss the issues with specific examples from the book). How are their
situations similar, despite the unique challenges that they face? (about 2-3
paragraphs, single-spaced) (30%)
2. Of all the women and girls featured in the book, which one story impacted you
the most? why? How was that person’s life affected by gender discrimination?
(Maximum half-page – single-spaced) (20)
3. What were the most valuable things you learned from reading the book? How
would you convey the message of the book to the family, friends, and peers? (Half to
one page, single-spaced) (20%)
Note: Do not attach a word file. Copy and paste the response in the discussion
thread, this way it is easier for classmates to read and respond.
Post Summary of Classmates’ post; Read at least four classmates’
post. Then write 4-5 paragraphs, including the following: (30%)
• Write four classmates’ names whose response paper you are reviewing (this
should be the first paragraph)
• Summarize how similar or different the issues of women were from your own
response? Provide specific issues of women.
• What surprised you the most from reading classmate’s posts? What lessons
did you learn?
Assignment 4: Issues in Global Health: Team Collaboration Project

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