Australian feminist comedian Hannah Gadsby

“Last year, the Australian feminist comedian Hannah Gadsby, in her Netflix special Nanette, performed an incendiary bit about Picasso’s treatment of women, quoting some damning lines from Gilot’s memoir and lamenting in particular the case of Marie-Therese: Picasso fucked an underage girl. That’s it for me, not interested. Next to these trampled lives, Gadsby couldn’t care less about the art.” (Schwartz 8)
The above paragraph came from The New Yorker article “Painted Love”. Gadsby is telling us that no matter how much a genius a person is, their art/work/performance does not excuse their behavior. She implies that she will have nothing to do with his work. In 350-450 words tell us if your knowledge about an artist’s past changes your viewpoint of their work. Remember people in media are also ‘artists.’ If you know about their politics, opposite to yours, does it affect how you feel about the people? Do not be afraid to voice your opinion. Make sure your reference is to the artist’s work as well as the behavior.
• You must use at least 2 statements from the article/or any other articles which support your opinion. You should have a works cited page at the end.

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