Assignment 2 (15 Marks) SMS 421 AUDIT EXECUTION

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Transport Canada collects aviation occurrence information through CADORS. The purpose of the system is to provide initial information on occurrences involving any Canadian-registered aircraft as well as events which occur at Canadian airports, in Canadian sovereign airspace, or international airspace for which Canada has accepted responsibility that includes events involving foreign registered aircraft. This assignment consists of developing and executing a sampling plan to determine if Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS) reports conform to the audit criteria (requirements) listed below. For this assignment you will be required to include the following information with your submission:

• Sampling Plan

• Sampling Results

• Findings

The sampling plan must clearly identify the lot size, sample size, and the reports to be sampled. Evidence of how the sampling plan was created must be provided (i.e., list of random numbers).

The sampling result are to be recorded on a spreadsheet.

The findings are to be recorded in Table 1 (below).

Audit Criteria (requirements): The audit criteria (or requirement) that you will use for this assignment is simply that Transport Canada has filled-in each “field” in the Aircraft Information section of the CADORS report form. Audit Scope (period under review): Each student will be provided with a Month-Year. This will consist of your audit scope (period under review) for your individual audit. The entire month is to be included (first to last day). Your audit scope can be found on blackboard.

Assignment 2 (15 Marks) SMS 421 AUDIT EXECUTION

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The Population (lot size) To determine your lot size, you are expected to use the CADORS query tool at You MUST apply the following filters:

• Occurrence Date Range: Provided

• TSB Class of Investigation: Class 5 For all other fields, use the default values – see below.

Assignment 2 (15 Marks) SMS 421 AUDIT EXECUTION

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Sample Size To obtain your sample size, use the sampling plan chart found in Transport Canada AC SUR-004 Simple Random Sampling Simple random sampling shall be used for this assignment. To obtain the list of CADORS (reports) for your population go to the CADORS download page and select occurrence date. From this list you can create a sampling plan by highlighting the reports that you randomly selected.

Assignment 2 (15 Marks) SMS 421 AUDIT EXECUTION

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Sampling Results Execute the sampling plan and record your results on a spreadsheet. Include a copy of the spreadsheet with your submission. Findings Answer the questions in table 1 below. NOTE: The term findings is being used loosely, for the purpose of table 1 below, whenever the audit

criteria have not been met, consider it a finding. Table 1: Findings

# Item Answer

1 Number of CADORS reports with one or more findings

2 Number of CADORS reports with no findings

3 The CADORS report field with the most findings

4 The CADORS report field with the least findings


Fill in the blanks (boxes):

 of reports sampled had one or more field(s) with information missing. For example: (list the names of each field with information missing – ranked them from most to least)

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