Assigned play: hamlet

ASSIGNMENT: You are to compose a research paper on a topic of your choosing related to your assigned play and create an original argument for your topic. The purpose of this assignment is to research a topic you are interested in to prove a point. You are asking a question about your topic and conducting the appropriate research to prove your thesis.
GUIDELINES: Your paper is to be 7-10 pages in length. The Works cited page does not count as one of those pages. There is no cover page for this. Your paper should be size 12, Times New Roman font, double spaced, with 1-inch margins and appropriate bibliographic citations in MLA 8 format. These citations should be from one primary source and a minimum of two secondary sources no more than Seven from a professional library journal that is relevant to the topic. You may not include a source unless you can demonstrate its relevance.
Research Paper Milestones:
On Day 1 (1st week of groups meeting): Each student should have read their play and have the topic they wish to do.
On Day 1 (2nd week of groups meeting): Each student must bring an outline of his/her essay.

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