Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces, and Free Speech, Too

“Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces, and Free Speech, Too” Essay is attached

Writing the RA:
1. Analysis of Argument: In this step look for the parts of the argument. From the essay you selected, in a paragraph identify the issue and the author’s position, some of the author’s supporting points, and a counter position.
2. Then, write a carefully crafted thesis statement on the issue you selected that includes opposing views and states your position. Also in your statement include two central points that you will use to support your view. See sample thesis in Pattern for Argument and below.
Thesis example: Arguments against the death penalty often cite the cost of incarceration; however, the chances of condemning a defendant in error and the social impact of responding to violence with violence outweigh reducing human life to dollars and cents.
[I included two views and two central points that I will use to support my position.]
3. Paragraphs: Using quoted examples from the textbook, write 2-3 paragraphs in support of your position. Please follow the format outlined in the “Pattern for Argument” lecture above. Remember to identify the author (cite) as you refer to the content of their work whether quote, paraphrase, or summary.
4. Be sure to include an opposing argument and refute it in one of your paragraphs. Always give a quoted example of the opposing view to show that you represent that view accurately.
5. Finally, make correct full-text citation at the end of your post.

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