The Political Speechwriter’s Companion

Answer the questions in this order.  Use sentences and paragraphs. Do not use my numbers.  Make it conversational. Reference quotes using APA in a simplified form: Example: (p. 23).

1. Cite reference for the book using APA style.

2. Author Information (Research online to find out more information about the author.)

            (What is his credibility for the content in the book?)

3. Brief summary of each of the chapters (about 4-5 pages total)  

  • Also: Include what was most significant in this chapter that speechwriters should know?
  • Also, cite a quote from each chapter with page number that stood out for you and explain why.

5. How do the viewpoints in this book mesh with Handbook for Speakers text and your previous experiences in speaking?

6.         A. What was something new about presentations and speechwriting you learned from reading the book?

B. What are the most valuable insights that a speaker or a speechwriter could be learn from reading it?

7. Your personal opinion of the book (both the good and the bad) and whether you would recommend it to others.  Elaborate on your evaluation with specific examples from the book.

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