Review pictures or visualize the experience;

Your Discussion Board assignment for WEEK THREE:

PART ONE: For your post this week, you will start planning Essay One: Narrative (with a little help from your classmates). Before you start writing, try some pre-writing techniques. Think of one or two potential topics for your narrative; using these topics, brainstorm and/or try some of the strategies from your textbook, on page 215, to see how well the topic may work for your essay. These strategies include the following:

Talk about the experience;
Review pictures or visualize the experience;
Write for 5-minutes non-stop about the experience.
Once you have some ideas, you are ready to share these topics in the discussion board for input from your classmates. Compose a 200-250 word thread (your initial post) before Friday at 8:00 <link is hidden> CT. Your thread should share and explain two potential narrative topics that you are considering for your first essay. The explanation of each topic should be about 100 words long. Label your thread with your last name.

You should use the following questions as a guide:

Why did the experience change you?
What kind of impact did the person or experience have on you?
Why is this an important narrative to share

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