Annotated Bibliography

This assignment is in reference to your (annotated bibliography) research that you will be doing on your intended career field. In a previous module you identified a specific anticipated career field. You are to now select a research topic that is within your intended career field. The research topic itself will not discuss the career rather it will only discuss the topic. It should be a topic related to your career and it should be correlational research. For example; If your career field is law enforcement, then your research can examine The Impact Gang Violence Has on Juvenile Self-Esteem. If your career is Child Psychology or School Psychologist, then your research can examine The Influence Peer Pressure Has on Adolescent Development. If your career field is Occupational Therapist, then your research can examine The Impact Motivation Has on Physical Therapy. Within this module you are identifying the research topic through a thesis statement and then identifying 6 peer reviewed journal articles that you will be using to complete your Annotated Bibliography which will be due in Module 7.

Read through and follow the Module 5 Research Topic Format which is uploaded into this module. Keep in mind you are only identifying the 6-peer reviewed scholarly articles which are no older than 5-7 years, that you will be using for your research and not uploading them. Cite each of the articles in APA format. Follow the format identified and upload in a word document.

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