The portrayal of autism in Temple Grandin

A one-page topic write-up (about$250 words)with your ideas for your research paper topic ‘The portrayal of autism in Temple Grandin
“The film that we will be using for this paper is ‘Temple Grandin’. If possible, try to suggest a
tentative argument (some idea that might help you create a thesis statement in future

For annotations:

3) 3 Sources in a Works Cited page with Annotations:
1) Your MAIN TEXT (BOOK OR FILM) – In case of this the Film, Temple Grandin
2) A film review (or book review) from LexisNexis
3) An encyclopedia article from the Gale Virtual Reference Library General Collection on your topic
(<link is hidden> an article on ‘schizophrenia,’ ‘autism,’ ‘artificial intelligence,’ etc.)

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