Modern Slavery in the 21 century

The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to organize and analyze the research you have conducted with the goal of refining your topic before you begin writing your research paper.

Step 1: Select a minimum of 5 different sources of relevant information on your topic, including:

at least 2 scholarly sources
at least 1 internet source
at least 1 book
Step 2: Place your revised research question and introduction at the top of the document. The introduction should be at least 150 words and offer an explanation to the reader why this is an issue that matters and give background on the topic. Do not use the first or second person. (no I, you, us, we our)

Step 3: Create a citation for each source, formatted using MLA Style.

Step 4: Underneath each citation, write an annotation of at least 150 words for the source.

In your annotation, please briefly discuss the main idea of each source and provide a brief analysis of how the source relates to your research question. Evaluate the authority of the author or source of the information as it relates to your topic if relevant, google the authors, google the publication, indicate who else may have used the information from this author, can you find where they got their data from? These are points that will help you to demonstrate that this is a credible source for an academic paper.

Annotated Bibliography Format:

Please write in a formal academic style; no first person (ā€œIā€) statements. Avoid excessive jargon, and do not use extensive quotations from your sources. Your annotated bibliography should be typed in MLA style and submitted n or before the due date.

Oh and if you do finish early would be very cool of you if you send it back to me as soon as possible
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