Workplace Mistreatment 

1. Listen to LaDonna (63 minutes)

2. Complete Responding to Workplace Mistreatment (30 minutes)

3. Click here to access a word copy of the assignments and template.

4. Save then upload your responses here as a PDF (File >> Download >> PDF Document)

One page only!

Begin by listening to the LaDonna podcast or reading the transcript.

Summarize the key challenge / problem that LaDonna is facing.
[ summarize in 2-3 sentences ]
What are 3 actions that LaDonna took in response to the mistreatment she endured?
[ Describe each action in 1-2 sentences ]      
To what extent were LaDonna’s actions effective? Explain your reasoning in a few sentences.
[ respond in a few sentences ]
How does intersectionality help explain how LaDonna experienced workplace mistreatment?
[ respond in a few sentences ]
What is the most interesting, important, and/or impactful idea you learned from the podcast?
[ respond in a few sentences ]
List 1-2 questions you have about sexual harassment, workplace mistreatment, and/or intersectionality.
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