Web Copy for a Product or Service

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, please read or review the following:

The following section from your course textbook, The Only Business Writing Book You’ll Ever Need:
2.5: Step 5: Fill in Missing Content; Delete Extraneous Content
2.6: Step 6: Write in Plain English
6.1: Web Copy
4 Steps to Writing Killer Website Copy (Links to an external site.)
5 No-Fail Tricks to Writing Customer-Centric Copy (That Doesn’t Miss Its Mark) (Links to an external site.)
How Chunking Helps Content Processing (Links to an external site.)
In the Business Concept Development discussion earlier this week, you developed an idea for a business that offers a product or service. In Week 1 of the course, we explored the idea of writing for your reader. In this assignment, you will be writing for readers that you don’t know—visitors to a website who are potential customers for your business. You will need to make inferences about who these readers are, what their needs might be, and how to address those needs in your writing. Reflect back on the questions that you considered when developing your business concept earlier this week:

Who are your potential customers?
Why would they be interested in the product or service?
What problem would it solve for them?
Is the customer an individual or another business?
Why would they choose your offering over another one available in the market?

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