Unfair Workplace Practices

2. Detailed Recommendations Based on the thorough analysis of the problems you identified in the previous report, and the contextual information   provided   in   the   case,  this   component   of   the   report   should   describe   a   detailed   set   of recommendations   that   address   each   of   the   aforementioned   issues.     Your   suggestions   should   not   only speak   to  what  needs   to   be   done   to   address   each   problem   but   should   also   state  how  each   proposed solution should be implemented.   Your recommendations should focus primarily on the HR elements of the case however, Human Resource Management does not occur in a vacuum, therefore, you are also encouraged to discuss how your proposed suggestions may affect other business functions. You may also discuss   how   problems   that   are   not   directly   HR   issues   may   have   an   impact   on   the   employees   of   the organization in question.  In addition to information obtained from the textbook, you should also include references from at least 3different, reputable sources to support your recommendations. 

Note: With the exception of the course textbook, you must use at least three different sources than those used   in   the   problem   identification   report.   (If you reference the same material used  in   the  problem identification report, this will not count towards the 3 sources, but may be used as additional references)

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