The Lottery Analysis

Use one of the thesis statements on the Point, Evidence, Explain handout, or a thesis of your own, to make a meaningful claim about Jackson’s “The Lottery.” Analyze the text through this lens, providing evidence from the text and relevant evidence from outside the text to support your points.
Your paper must include an introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs with transitions and topic sentences (Take care to organize your points and paragraphs logically), a conclusion paragraph, and a Works Cited page (formatted in MLA 8 style). Use academic, formal language and correct English grammar. Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated.
You must introduce the author and work title in your thesis. You must include at least two quotes from the story in your paper. All quotes, summary, and paraphrase must be introduced properly and cited. Your paper should be no more than 19% source material. You must include a works cited page.
MLA 8 style and format (double-spaced lines, Times New Roman font, 12 pt.

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