A Lesson before Dying

Topic: A Lesson before Dying touches upon many themes such as racial injustice, the inequity of our justice system, and the inhumanity of capital punishment. Other minor themes include the power and burden of education; faith and matters of the soul; self-loathing and what it can do to the human spirit; responsibility to self and others, and moral courage. Choose two to three of the above themes and build a thesis around them that explains how they are manifested in the novel with regard to one or more specific characters.

Researched essay: Your final essay will require references from the primary source as well as two secondary sources. The primary source is the literature itself; secondary sources include criticism written about the primary source. Two secondary sources are required from either or both of the following library databases: Literary Reference Center Plus and Gale Literature Criticism. A minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 secondary source quotes should be included in your essay followed by an MLA styled citation.

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