Woman Suffrage Movement and The Nineteenth Amendment

Topic: The topic I have chosen to research is The Woman’s Suffrage Movement and The Nineteenth Amendment. Woman’s suffrage refers to an over 70-year battle for gender equality not only at the polls but in the workplace and educational institutions as well. This event is significant because the original Constitution and Minor vs. Happersett failed to recognize women’s voting rights. The women’s suffrage movement inspired many to take action in the name of gender equality. This movement empowered women through organizations such as the League of Women voters and the National American Woman Suffrage Association and allowed for civil action. This movement promoted human welfare in numerous ways. It resulted in passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States constitution, which finally allowed women the right to vote. It has stimulated social and political reform through individual and group civil action. Advocates for women’s rights developed intimate ties to supporters of the temperance movement , who sought to deter the abuse of alcohol and promote greater familial responsibilities among married men. Through the suffrage movement, women became more skilled at grassroots organizations, which led to greater involvement in their local, state and national communities.

Secondary sources that would assist in historical research are a summary of the congressional hearing in the senate and the house to get an idea of how officials in office viewed gender equality during this time. This source may give us more information about why it took so long for women to acknowledge and fight for legislation to protect them in the workplace and educational institutions. Another secondary source that will help historical research would be journals about the other things that women were fighting for while fighting for suffrage. Thus far, the articles I have found have shown me that although suffrage was the goal, it led women to find their worth and go after more of what they deserved.

Research Questions:

Were there other rights that women were denied during the long fight for the right to vote?

What role did state and federal governments have in the voting rights of women?

Why was suffrage not defined in the Constitution? 

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