What are the pros and cons of parole. Discuss

1-What are the pros and cons of parole. Discuss

2-Discuss ways to improve parole so that offenders have a better chance of being successful in the community

3-What are the barriers that parolees face when they return to the community that contribute to them failing

In order to receive full credit (25 points) you must use the references and you must submit at least 3 well developed paragraphs. 

Part two

After you read the lecture for chapter 11, answer the following questions.

1. What is Jihadi Salafism?

2. Discuss the results of N.W. Zackie’s examination of the manual on “A Call to Global Islamic Resistance” by Abu Musab al Suri.

3. Describe the origins of  al Qaeda. 

Use notes to answer questions.

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