Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

Unit 12/Reflections

1) According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History,” how did Gothic architecture succeed in achieving an engineering challenge of spanning in stone ever-wider surfaces from ever-greater heights? (p. 1)

2) According to the diagram of the floor plan for Abbott Suger’s interior design of Saint-Denis, what type of vaulting system was used? (p. 3)

3) What architectural elements distinguish the west façade of Chartres Cathedral from the earlier Romanesque period? (p. 5)

4) Choose one of the stained glass images from the photo gallery and describe it in detail. (p. 7)

5) Describe the west façade of Notre Dame as well as its use of flying buttresses. Why do you think this structure has become one of the most recognizable architectural feats in Western civilization? (p. 9)

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