Make sure you read and understand the Apologetics Application Paper Instructions document (available in Blackboard) before you attempt to complete any part of this form.

Do not change any aspect of this form; and do not delete anything from this form. Instead, just type your content in the spaces provided, below. Before typing your content, you should review the entire document to be sure you understand what is required.

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Instructions for this submission 

The purpose of Part 1 is to provide you with a few major building blocks that can be incorporated into your final paper. In the sections provided below, you will name the worldview you will be writing about, you will list a few sources you will use in your research, and you will begin building the foundation for what will become the first two major sections in the body of your final paper.

1. Worldview Selection

The Apologetics Application Paper Instructions indicate three choices: secular humanism, scientific naturalism, or postmodernism. Of these three, which will you write your paper about?

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2. Preliminary List of Sources

Not including your course textbooks, list 3–4 sources that you will use in the paper. At this stage of the project, you should focus on sources that help you understand and evaluate the worldview you have selected to write about. You should do your best to focus on “scholarly” sources (see the Apologetics Application Paper instructions for a definition and explanation of what “scholarly” means). Format each according to current Turabian and LUSD requirements for a bibliography.

The remainder of this form will help you begin working on what will become the first two major sections of your final paper – the summary and evaluation of the worldview you are writing about.

The Apologetics Application Paper Instructions indicate that the basic outline for your final paper should follow this structure:

I. Introduction

II. Summary of the Worldview

III. Evaluation of the Worldview

IV. Evaluation of Christianity

V. Defense of Christianity

VI. Conclusion

In what follows, you will be crafting the building blocks that will eventually become sections II and III in that outline.

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