The goal of this ZAPS is to help you understand the reasoning process and expected utility theory

ZAPS Assignments:

ZAPS is a set of interactive online experiments and demonstrations that will allow you to experience the various psychological phenomenon, as well as, serve as an additional tool to reinforce the theoretical basis behind each experiment and demonstration. All of the experiments will also be discussed in a real-world context. Your grade will be based on these summaries, NOT the grade provided by the ZAPS website when you finish the experiment

Please answer the ZAPS question below:

ZAPS 7: Decision Making—The goal of this ZAPS is to help you understand the reasoning process and expected utility theory.

When examining your results, did you tend to provide the same response as the “majority”? Select two questions from the 10 and explain why you selected your response, and how it compares to the “majority” response. According to your reading this week, and the ZAPS, when do we tend to use heuristics? How does framing influence our decision making?

ZAPS 8: Measuring Intelligence—The goal of this ZAPS is to allow you to experience various questions that appear on aptitude tests. This is NOT a measure of your intelligence.

Which type of question resulted in your best performance (numerical insight, analogies, dynamic images, or spatial insight)? Were you surprised with your results? Why or why not? Based on your readings this week, and the ZAPS, are you a proponent of general intelligence or modularity? Why

The rubric:

CriteriaTheassignmentdoes not address any aspects of theassignment asoutlined.Theassignmentaddresses a few aspects of theassignmentand indicates that you paid attention totheinstructions.Theassignment addressesmost of the aspects of theassignmentand issupported by course material.Theassignmentaddresses all aspects of theassignmentanddemonstrates a thoughtful considerationof the subject matter and is supported by course material.
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