Assessment Details
The assessment for this module is a report with two parts, each of which are explained below.
Your report should be formatted appropriately, with a cover page, table of contents, page
numbers and numbered sections. At the end of your report, there should be a single reference
list, which is not included in the word count. Marking criteria for the report is given in the table
The report you are writing is intended to be read by the CEO of a tourism or hospitality business
that you choose. You should make clear who this is, in your report. The aim of the report is for
you to brief the CEO on a contemporary issue that may affect their business, and to give some
practical support to the business to address this issue.
For your report, you must choose one contemporary issue. This could be one of the issues that
we have covered in class, or another issue that you choose yourself.
You will receive support for the assessment in class, through a dedicated assessment briefing
session, two weeks of formative activities and a week of dedicated 1:1 appointments. You are
also able to book individual ad hoc appointments with the module team, when required.
Part 1:
For the first element of your report, you should write a 1000 word literature review on your issue,
using only academic sources published since 2011. Using these sources, you should analyse
the issue from an academic perspective and explain the practical implications of this academic
Part 2:
For the second element of your report, you should create a best practice guide for one group of
staff in the business, to support them in responding to the issues you have identified. You should
do this using mostly industry and media sources, and you should include elements to make your
guide visually interesting. The total word count for this second element should be 1,000 words

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