Reflection Paper Anthropology

Review chapter 18 from this week’s reading. Identify and describe the three levels of belief required for effective shamanistic cures known as the “Shamanistic Complex”? Define voodoo death and describe how you think it could be producing an effect. Use evidence to support your claims/theories. What does the story of Quesalid show us about how great shamans are produced? Define abreaction and fabulation and discuss the role they play in producing a healing effect? What can studies of spiritualism, sorcery and magic teach us about human healing? Can concepts identified in module five of our class be used to make biomedicine more effective? Explain.

Concepts identified in module five are:

Ethnomedicine, Healers and Explanatory Models

Read: “Conceptual tools” p. 177-179

Chapter 16 – Disease Etiologies in Non-Western Medical Systems (Foster)

Chapter 18 – The Sorcerer and His Magic (Levi-Strauss)

Chapter 19 – Beyond the Doctor’s White Coat: Science, Ritual and Healing in American Biomedicine (Salhi)

The textbook is on-line on Chegg:

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