Why is the government of the United States of America considered a republic in the context of a “constitutional democracy”?

Part 2 Essay:

Write a 250- to 350-word response below to the following: 

Define the terms “direct democracy” and “representative democracy.”  Why is the government of the United States of America considered a republic in the context of a “constitutional democracy”?

Include APA citations for all borrowed ideas, facts, or definitions.

                A representative democracy is a government where all eligible citizens vote on representatives to pass laws for them. There are several requirements that need to be met in order for a representative democracy to work at its best ability.  The first condition is completion; this is where the representatives run for election and try to get majority of the votes.  Another condition is that there has to be free communication between both the people and the press. The last condition is that the voters must believe a meaningful choice exists between the candidates and that the policy differences are honestly reflected in each.  The effectiveness of a representative democracy depends on the manner as to which these three different factors are presented.

            Another type of democracy is called direct democracy.  A direct democracy is a government where all of the citizens can come together (assemble) to have discussion, pass laws, and are able to select their officials. “Madison feared that empowering citizens to decide policy directly would be dangerous to freedom, minorities, and property and would result in violence by one group against another”(Magleby, Light, & Nemacheck, 2014, p. 22). However, the United States of America is considered as a republic in the context of a constitutional democracy.

            A constitutional democracy is when individual citizens are allowed to exercise governmental power as a result of winning free and relatively frequent elections.  A “government that enforces recognized limits on those who govern and allows the voice of the people to be heard through free, fair, and relatively frequent elections” (Magleby, Light, & Nemacheck, 2014, p. 22).  The United States of America prides its self upon the voices of its citizens being heard and the best way for those voices to be heard is through voting and elections.  There is a set term to different offices that allow for frequent elections and for more ideas and voices to be heard.


Magleby, D. B., Light, P. C., & Nemacheck, C. L. (2014). Government by the people, 2014 elections and update edition. Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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