Effects of Sexism and Job-Applicant Match on Leadership Candidate Evaluations

For the final project, we will be conducting an experiment on gender and leadership.

For this first component of your final paper, you will be submitting the title page,introduction, and reference page for the final paper. The following steps should be followed:

1. The first step of the theory data cycle is to start with a theory.This requires understanding of the previous research that has been published on the topic. So, you will be utilizing the college’s library database to find empirical articles that can help you create an informed hypothesis. This research will have to be reviewed within the Introduction. You should find the five articles below AND FIND ONE EXTRA OF YOUR OWN (that will be unique to your paper) on the topic so 6 in total but 5 are already given.

a. “Gender Bias in Leader Selection ?Evidence from a hiring Stimulation study”by Janine Bosak and Sabine Sczesny

b. “Gender Bias and Substantive Differences in Ratings of Leadership Behavior: Toward a New Narrative” by Robert B. Kaiser and Wanda T. Wallace

c. “Breaking the Glass Ceiling: For One and All?” by Francesca Manzi and Madeline E. Heilman

d. “Gender and Perceptions of Leadership Effectiveness: A Meta-Analysis of Contextual Moderators” in the Journal of Applied Psychology

e. “Effects of Sexism and Job-Applicant Match on Leadership Candidate Evaluations” published in 2020

f. Article of your choice based on the topic

2. Once you find your articles, you should review them all and write a literature review which is embedded in your Introduction. This provides a theoretical basis for your study.

3. Based on the literature you read, consider what the purpose of the study can be and what hypotheses you would expect to find in that proposed study. (This will act as a first draft and is likely to change once we develop the research design as a class).

4. In addition to the Introduction, you should appropriately format a title page, with a unique title and other important information, and a reference page, with your six sources

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