Unknown Bacteria Identification

Unit 3 Lab Assignment: Unknown Bacteria Identification

In microbiology, the primary focus is often the identification of unknown samples. Many bacteria appear identical to others when examined under a microscope, so a microbiologist uses characteristics of bacteria to narrow down the possibilities to eventually identify the genus and species of an unknown bacterium. In this Assignment, you will interpret laboratory results and consult an identification matrix to identify two unknown bacterial samples. To complete this Assignment, follow the instructions below.

1. Watch the video: http://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/_cc_640x480/bc/streaming/microlab_tutors/UnknownID_full.m4v

2. Visit DocSharing and download the Unit 3 Unknown ID Assignment template. This template contains the full assignment.

3. Consult the Unknown identification guide located in Doc Sharing for specific instructions, test result key, and identification matrix needed to complete the Assignment.

I am attaching the assignment template please read all instructions.

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