Introduction To Data Mining


Part 1. Describe in your own words two (2) differences between “shallow” neural networks and deep neural networks discussed in this section. (20 Points). Only support from your the required textbook is needed.

Part 2. List and discuss  two (2) characteristics of Deep Learning. (20 points)  Only support from your the required textbook is needed.


Regression and classification are categorized under the same umbrella of supervised machine learning. For your assignment this week

 1) Write a short paper  on the comparison and contrast between regression and classification methods.  Provide a formal definition for Regression and one for classification (20 point).

 2) Using the require text Only, write an essay that discussed Two similarities and Two differences between Regression and Classification. (40 Points)

(3) Provide one example to illustrate each similarity and differences discussed (40 points)

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