Intercultural Communication!

Intercultural Communication!

READINGS: Igor E. Klyukanov. Principles of Intercultural Communication, 2nd Edition, Routledge.

  • Read chapter 5: Commensurability Principle
  • Lecture and PowerPoint Slides Chapter 5 (attached)
  • Read chapter 6: Continuum Principle
  • Lecture and PowerPoint Slides Chapter 6 (attached)

ASSIGNMENT: TAP (Takeaways points) #3

Answer for Questions 1 (attached)

using only Commensurability Principle (ch.5)

We are all Americans. The American model of life.

  • Identify five (5) distinctly American concepts
  • How they are represented with verbal or nonverbal signs in other cultures? (example would be the concept of fast food and its representation by the sign “McDonald’s” (verbal) or the golden arches (nonverbal))
  • How does the Commensurability Principle, only this one principal, work here in this particular question?

Answer for Questions 2 (p.154) (attached)

usingonly Continuum Principle (ch.6) by reading the case study

Use this TEMPLATE (attached)

Intercultural Communication

“Takeaways points Assignment Rubric

  • Use the proper format (name, course #, TAP #…Identify each Question you’re answering…have your TAP double- spaced, after answering both questions, you should total 500 word- count
  • Have thoughtful answers
  • Include the 2 Current Principles (Commensurability in question 1 and

                                                                  Continuum in question 2)

(make them easy to identify)!!!

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