Environmental Economics:The greater Halifax municipality (HRM)

Problem setup:

The greater Halifax municipality (HRM) is thinking of cutting down the Blue Mountain wilderness reserve to make way for more residential development.

Community organizations like the ecology action centre is preparing to oppose the plan. They have contacted the department of economics for knowledgeable students in the matter of cost benefit analysis and I have pointed them your way (your welcome!)

Apart from doing interviews saying how they oppose the project the centre would like to have a little bit more substance to combat this new proposed change.

Developers cite that this change will reduce the shortage of home in HRM, add more property taxes and create jobs! 

You came to ask for my help about this project and I found an articles which you could use to defend and help the centre. 

[2 points] before reading the paper, make a list of all the possible benefits and cost you believe (and feel free to search online for this) are important. Make it big (at least 10 benefits)

[2 points] reading the paper, to who should we give standing in HRM (this is very important as the benefits are going to be multiplied by the number impacted!) provided backing of why using the paper. (they are very explicit about this) How many people should we include? Look up population data to get a better idea.

[1 points] Is the benefits equal for all those who have standing? Explain using the paper.

[4 points] This is what im interested in: knowing what you know and that the exchange rate is 1 CAD to 0.65 EURO and 1 EURO  = 5.9 Finish Mark,  prepare how you might try to calculate the benefits from the wilderness area. You do not need to actually calculate the benefits, just talk of how you would do this. Remember, the clearer it is, the more points you will get.

[1 points] find another paper (using google scholar – through SMU VPN) which would help you defend the value of the wilderness area. Explain how it is going to do that? (are there actual number s you can use), what should you be careful of when interpreting the numbers?

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