Meeting Planner plans for the Chef Association National Conference 2021

Meeting Planner plans for the Chef Association National Conference 2021

The below link is a YouTube video about hosting a national conference for the chef societies.  You are a meeting planner and your duty is to organize a successful event for your clients.  The video is a reference and gives you an idea about different activities at a chef national conference.

Please watch the recommended video and create a similar video within 5 to 6 minutes of your proposal.  Present your proposal to the president of the chef association about planning the national conference for the chef societies in the country that you had been assigned.  Please research, understand, communicate, and verify details for your clients in this proposal according to the below requirements of this national conference.

Needs Analysis about the national conference as below:


Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Chef Association at this National Conference.

Look for potential new members to join the Chef Association with annual membership fees.

Gather the national members to the venues and participate in the Annual General Meeting 2021 (AGM).

Learning opportunities for all the talented chefs in the educational seminar with industry-leading professionals or speakers.

Young Chefs Competition Final with the sponsor vendors.

The budget is approved for under $360,000 for all the expenses to support 400 attendees.

Date and Time: 

In the second week of November 2021 for the 3 days and 2 nights conference.


An exhibit hall or hotel’s ballroom can allow 40 suppliers and vendors to exhibit their products and services for all members.

Hotel accommodation fit for 400 members together in the same property to participate the conference for 3 days and 2 nights.

Baquet room with catering and dining service for 400 attendees to have their daily meals with rotate menu (3 meals per day with beverages).

Conference room, boardroom, and all different sizes of breakout rooms to host different committees and members’ meetings, education seminar, and AGM.

A professional kitchen with all the facilities for the national top 10 young chefs in the final culinary competition.

A decorated ballroom for all the members to host the Gala dinner on the last evening of the conference.


All major airlines’ quotations with group discount rate for the national members from 20 cities to the conference destination.

Coach buses and shuttles arrangement for the members to participate in their daily activities.

Attractions and Tours:

Free-time activities site to have local Cultural, Historial, Recreational, and Sightseeing options for all the members in their free time during the conference.

Please suggest to the president of the National Chef Association.

Please submit your video link at the FlexiQuiz before the deadline and you will play the video in front of the class with the peers on Mar 8, 2021.  Highly recommended to use your mobile phone to record your own video and upload it to the YouTube Channel with unlisted visibility and the public will not see it, only the people you share the link can see it.

How do I create an unlisted YouTube video?

  1. Use YouTube to record your videos. Here’s a link to do this:
  2. Right-click on your video and “Copy Video URL”
  3. Paste the link to the FlexiQuiz Assignment

100 marks – (Present individual video report within 5 to 6 minutes or marks will be deducted)

Video Form – Professionalism, formal dress code, background, video content and quality, presentation skills, time limit support the highest grades with professionally researched and well-organized performance.  

Please submit your YouTube video link before the deadline in the below area or you will have a zero.  You can use the save and continue feature that Flexiquiz provides for you.

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