Power of the Habit

Power of the Habit

Marketing Perspective

Video and Required Readings

Step One:

Review what is meant by a habitual decision making process generally done on low involvement, perceived similar product offerings.

Humorous One Minute Animated Q&A defining habitual decision making by consumers.

What is Habitual Decision Making?

Articles to discuss the impact of habitual decision-making, marketing strategies for targeting and communication.

Consumer Buying Behaviors:  4 Important Types of Consumer Buying Behaviors

Step Two:

What are the Strategic Impacts of this type of purchase scenario?

Consider how the level of involvement of the consumer will impact the best approaches to communicate, persuade and target consumer segments … this article provides some tangible examples.

Consumer Involvement Theory and Advertising Approaches

Step Three: Interaction Between Marketing and Management Strategies

How Can this Impact Organizational Planning and Staffing?

Corporate Associations and Consumer Product Responses:  The moderating role of corporate brand dominance

Strategic Development of BRANDS Should Remain In-House

Brand Strategy Work Is No Job for Ad Agencies

But Should The Implementation of Creative and Media Work Be Outsourced?

Advantages of Using an Advertising Agency

Leave It To The Experts:  should you outsource your marketing?


Could the result of a consumer decision-making model of low involvement, habitual behavior impact corporate and organizational decisions?  The decisions revolve around the overall positioning and branding strategies and what is the best approach to gain access to top talent.  The above articles help spotlight options and consequences of various scenarios.

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