Illness vs Health promotion

Illness vs Health promotion

Mk, thanks for a great response. I agree with you that the shift to health promotion could help prevent diseases. Many organizations now offer rewards and health promotion strategies for staff based on their wellness and fitness. These organizations give monetary rewards for healthy lifestyle living and engaging in community wellness programs. For example, Montgomery County in Maryland give their employees and their families free access to recreation centers, reduce cost in membership fees and access to other facilities without charging. The whole goal is to have a healthy community. Other resources, such as a workforce and facilities, are essential to a health services system.

Q.1 Please share some of the examples of programs or strategies being used to encourage a preventative approach to care.

Mk, I also believe there is a shift in behavior and lifestyle due to the numerous health education and campaign. Due to technology and use of social media, health promotion strategies have widely spread, and individuals are learning more in the 21st century. Despite the general belief that the receipt of health services is one of the major influences on health status, other factors are of equal or greater importance, (Barton 2010) Some of the determinants of health, including physical and social environments; personal traits; physical, mental, and social well-being; and access to a continuum of health services.

Q.2 Please discuss with examples, some of the social environments and determinants of health. 

Cost, Quality and Access

Mk, thanks for your response. Additionally, the management component of the Roemer model of a health services system incorporates four major functions namely: Planning, administration, legislation, and regulation Planning. Healthcare system has many parts to operate at different levels and this includes cost and accessibility. As healthcare leaders, we are responsible for managing these costs and ensuring our healthcare dollars are used as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Q.3 Class identify factors in our healthcare system that may have an impact on cost and quality of healthcare.

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