Established in 1998, Northampton Taxis is a family owned taxi firm based in Northampton, England.
Current staff members include; the business owner, a general manager, five controllers, two general
enquires staff, an accounts manager and an accounts assistant. The company currently attracts customers
via the Yellow Pages directory and local newspaper adverts. At present the taxi booking system works by
customers calling the office via phone to book a taxi. Bookings are also taken via email and fax. Calls,
emails and fax bookings are answered by controllers who enter the booking information onto a computer
system. The system automatically sends information to the closest driver to the customer’s pick-up location
through a PDA.
100 taxi drivers work for the company and are self-employed. The drivers keep the cash paid by to them
by customers. The company generates income by charging each driver rent of £145 per week which is the
main income for the business. For this rent, drivers are provided with taxi booking equipment and are
allocated work by the controllers. In addition, the company operates Business Accounts for a number of
local organisations including; schools, the local university, local hospitals and local businesses. At present,
approx. £180,000 is generated by Business Accounts each month, of which Northampton Taxis take a 5%
cut from the income paid to drivers.
Currently, the annual company turnover is £1.6 million which is generated from driver’s rent payments and
Business Account work. The company wishes to further expand by establishing a web site though which
they can reach a wider audience and take bookings online to generate more business. If booking numbers
increase then more taxi drivers will be needed, which in turn will bring in more income for the company.
Your group have been tasked as The Project Management Team to plan the web development project for
Northampton Taxis. After an initial meeting, the Business Owner agreed to a budget of £8,000 but requires
the website to be operational within 58 days from today’s date. In terms of quality specifications, the
business owner insists that the website should display the company logo. Additionally, you need to ensure
the website design confirms to established guidelines as well as meeting requirements specified in the Data
Protection Act (UK Legislation 1998). Data protection compliance is essential as the website will transfer
customer data to the company database and out to driver’s PDA devices.

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