Discussion: Collaboration Forum

1.3 Discussion: Collaboration Forum

Getting Started

This forum is a general collaboration forum that serves as a venue to discuss, interact with, communicate about, and genuinely engage the subject matter of the workshop in order to increase each other’s understanding. Importantly, it provides you with a chance to ask questions about the reading, problems, and anything in general, and so represents another opportunity to get assistance with the course concepts and your assignments.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

  • Receive timely advice and assistance with assignments to help achieve learning objectives.


  • Textbook: Analysis for Financial Management
  • Textbook: Principles of Accounting: Volume 1, Financial Accounting
  • Video: Collaboration Forum Introduction

Background Information

The purpose of this collaboration forum is for students to work together (collaborate) in an effort to better understand assignments. While this forum is not a place to provide all your answers (it is NOT designed to facilitate cheating), it is intended for you to help each other if someone is struggling with a particular problem. Participate early and often. Ask your question in this forum by providing needed problem details for reference, then move on to work another problem. Later, come back and see if anyone has provided help for you or if you can provide assistance to a classmate.


  1. There are no points awarded for this activity. However, you will benefit from completing the exercise, as it will provide helpful academic learning opportunities that correlate with the textbook reading, as well as additional activities that support the topics of both your current and future workshop sessions.
  2. Watch the Collaboration Forums Introduction video:
  3. Respond by making at least one comment or post that addresses one of the following:
    1. Ask a question about this workshop’s assignments.
    2. Provide an attempted solution or at least a reference to relevant material in the textbook.
    3. Share insights, new understandings, or “ah ha” moments resulting from your reading or work on assignments.
    4. Deepen the discussion by raising the application or the implications of a concept presented in the textbook or devotional materials.
    5. Post a proposed solution to a question raised by another student and then dialogue about it in this forum, attempting to reach a solution.
  4. Your postings should:
    1. Clearly state the problem number and problem details as well as the questions that you have.
    2. Provide clear questions and proposed answers with evidence of critical thinking by incorporating material from the assigned reading.
    3. Add greater depth to the discussion by introducing new ideas or observations.
    4. Provide clarification to classmates’ questions and provide insight into the discussion
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