Watch the Thomas Heatherwick TED Talk video

Discuss: For your first post:  Step One: Watch the Thomas Heatherwick TED Talk video, link. If you have any troubles opening the link, you can also find it at the address provided here:Thomas Heatherwick: Building the Seed Cathedral(Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Here, too, is also the website for the firm:

Step Two: After watching the video: Post about one (1) of the following four prompts:

  1. Write one paragraph that describes the work of Heatherwick and his design firm that is featured in the video: where is his design firm located, where has the firm completed projects, what is unique about the work? OR
  2. Write one paragraph provide a brief description of how Heatherwick and his team of designers work. What is unique about their approach to making? Hint: it relates to questions. OR
  3. Write one paragraph describe one project featured in the video or website. In your description, include the MEDIA, three VISUAL ELEMENTS, and the dominant PRINCIPLE OF DESIGN. What is the purpose or function of the project? OR
  4. Write one paragraph, summarize your thoughts and opinions about Heatherwick’s work in general.  What are your own questions you have about the projects you see in the video?
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