Topic: Obesity in America

This assignment (The Prospectus Assignment) correlates directly with the Research Paper Assignment that I am going to write later. 

Attached is the Prospectus Template I want you to follow the templet.  This will not only show you what the Prospectus should look like, but it will further explain how to do it.  On the attachment you can find the template, on the following pages I have also included a sample prospectus as a model.

Topic: Obesity in America. 

Prospectus Template

Part 1:

Topic:  Type topic here.

Question(s):  Type questions here.  You should only have 1-3 questions here, and you should NOT include the answers.  These questions bring focus and specificity to your topic.

Thesis Statement:  Type your working thesis statement here.  The thesis should answer the questions you included in the previous step.  The thesis should be only ONE sentence.  Remember, thesis = topic + opinion + reasons/justifications.

Part 2:

Plan:  Here you are going to write a brief explanation of how you plan to support your thesis statement.  What do you plan on writing in your paper?  What information do you plan on including?  This should only be a paragraph or two.

*Note:  This prospectus should only be about a page long, double spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font.

(See Example Prospectus on next page)

Sample Prospectus

Part 1:

Topic:  The different attitudes of marriage in “The Wife of Bath’s Tale,” “The Clerk’s Tale,” and “The Franklin’s Tale” of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales.

Question(s): (1)What are the similarities and differences in the attitudes of marriage between the Wife of Bath, the Clerk, and the Franklin, according to the tales they give?  (2)  Are these different attitudes an implication of how Chaucer viewed marriage?

Thesis:  Discussing these attitudes of marriage and additional attitudes found in The Wife of Bath’s, the Clerk’s, and the Franklin’s tales, and comparing and contrasting each, will reveal Chaucer’s intended moral concerning happiness in marriage, a review of his alleged raptus, and give inference to Chaucer’s personal views of how he believed marriage should be.

Part 2:

            In my paper, I plan to discuss these different attitudes or views of marriage according to who is telling each story, and I plan to compare and contrast these attitudes, exploring the similarities and differences of each view according to the backgrounds and motivations of each narrator (character) of the different stories in The Canterbury Tales as written by Chaucer in each of their prologues, and according to the different characters of the stories told.  I also would like to explore what these attitudes imply about Chaucer’s personal views of marriage, if they do so at all.

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