Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS)

English 112 Research Paper GuidelinesControversial Issue Research Paper

1. Controversial Issue Research Paper should be based on a topic in your field of study. (Exceptions will be made based on field of study). Topic must be approved by instructor.

2. Paper must be no less than 8 pages and no more than 10 pages (not including Works Cited Page). A 10 point deduction will be taken if length requirements are not met.

3. Research paper must be typed in Times New Roman, 12 font, double spaced, and include name header and page numbers. (Follow MLA formatting.)

4. You must use a minimum of ten (10) sources for this paper to be evenly distributed between both sides (for & against). An annotated bibliography is due that lists and summarizes these ten sources. (Refer to Annotated Bibliography guidelines). You do not have to cite from each of these sources in your paper but be sure sources have valid research and facts to add to your research if needed. The Annotated Bibliography counts 20% of your final grade.

5. Format of Paper: Your paper must include an introduction paragraph with thesis, a background information section, “for” section, “against” section, “mediation” section, and conclusion. Each of these sections must have a minimum of 3 supporting points. (Approximately 2 – 3 pages for each section.)

6. A detailed outline and a Works Cited page must be included. I check your paper against your outline to be sure it is consistent in organization and points covered in paper.

7. There will be peer revision/editing groups in class and online and you are expected to actively participate in each.

8. You are required to schedule an out of class, one-on-one conference with me to discuss your paper, citations, and Works Cited. This counts 10 percent of your final grade for this class.

9. Submit final draft of research paper to Smarthinking and SafeAssign. Smarthinking is an online tutoring service and the tutors will give comments to help in your revision process. SafeAssign will check across databases for plagiarism, but I will check Google for online plagiarism. Remember that any form of plagiarism (whether intentional or unintentional) will result in a zero on this paper and failure of this course. Not knowing is no excuse because we go over this thoroughly in class. Both worksheets must be submitted with the paper. A 10 point deduction will be taken from the paper if you do not submit the worksheets.

10. An oral presentation of paper/topic is expected. (Refer to Oral Presentation guidelines handout.)

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