Philosophy: the identity of a person

 “Considering that resurrection is essentially coming back from the dead, and that reincarnation is the very same soul being born again into another body, the matter that is to be debated is which will more successfully “transfer” the identity of a person. It’s difficult to imagine even the existence of an afterlife. I am not a very spiritual person and am more inclined to thinking scientifically as of now. In the case of keeping the “mind” intact, I have to admit that I am more inclined to believe that a person’s identity is more likely to be preserved in the situation of a resurrection. Particularly, I think of resuscitation since it is a situation that has actually occurred and is more likely to preserve identity. However, it is not very likely for a decomposed body to return to life, as it is not able to perform as it previously did (of course), and therefore it will not even have the chance of having the same mind. So, unless the body could somehow be restored, that is not a viable option in the case of preserving someone’s identity. Only when the body is resuscitated in a medical situation (where the body has not decomposed and the brain is intact, or at least not too damaged) can identity remain. In the case of reincarnation, I don’t have much to defend that notion when considering the preservation of identity. Though, if I knew that reincarnation was possible, I would still argue that the body is a part, even if not as significant as other factors, of someone’s identity to an extent. The reincarnation would be flawed even if it were a possibility, in my opinion. If there weren’t, in theory, then I may consider it to be more reliable with regard to preserving identity than resurrection.   “

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