Participation Assignment: Sales Call Role Play Worksheet


Section One: Situation

  1. FedEx office Relevant Facts

The background

Being the accountant of FedEx Office, the main work is basically to ensure that there is a good relationship with the customers. The company has to combine both the data and printing capabilities. The major difference between the company I have, FedEx Office, and a few others like UPS is that my company would assist to reduce stress when distributing data.

The potential solutions

  1. FedEx Office can package and disseminate or even prepare the documented materials
  2. The FedEx can do shipment in the whole world
  3. FedEx is located only in the US

The training Associates and Facts


            John Pearson and Alex Underwood did start the training Associates in the year

2000. It is a multinational services company that offers an array of packaged training programs in the US. The training programs now stand at 18 specifications with its headquarters being located in Atlanta.

Shipping Materials and Producing Process

  1. Customers should contact Training Associates through the telephone or the internet
  2. The training associates should come up with a plan for training and generate bid based on the needs of the customer
  3. When a bid is accepted, the training associates should do a schedule
  4. The staff ought to affirm the online requirements and the printed materials specification
  5. The staff should prepare for the session for shipping materials, collation, and gathering
  6. They then determine where the training take place
  7. The training session is implemented at the designated areas

Spin Situation Questions

What gave you the motivation to start this kind of business

Why did you choose Atlanta as the headquarters?

What are the obstacles to building training associates?

Do Training Associates have some special characteristics and what are the most favourable ones?

Section 2: Problems of training associates

  1. Problem One Analysis

There were many cancellations between 2017 and 2016 and as a result, many customers disappeared. Some trainers were cited unprepared and this caused the cancellation. Underwood had to explain that, and he said that the trainers had to pick up training materials on that Monday morning. Due to that delay in training, those did not actually arrive on time until Wednesday which meant for those two days, the trainers did not actually use the right materials for the training sessions. This contributed to poor delivery

  • The problem two analysis

The second problem that arose among the trainers organizes everything for themselves, physically carry them to the sites. With this mode of operation, the trainers ended up being frustrated by the process, which has been in place for quite some time now. This is not right because that is not their work.  Some trainers even end up shipping the materials directly and so they are held responsible for the delays that happen on the way. One biggest thing Training Associates opts not to ship to the specific sites is because many of their customers did have large facilities and it is a likelihood that they can misplace materials in places that are not good. With this in kind, even Underwood did agree that if the issue would not be solved soon, then they would be shipped out of business.

  • Analysis of problem three

One big strength of Training Associates is that they tend to customize their materials specifically for their customer. However, there are times when clients would receive the wrong materials. A good example is the Oracle materials that were prepared for the IT staff.

  • Analysis of problem four

There is the problem of staff productivity because, at times, there were cases where the family obligations would force people out of work. However, there is always a challenge of finding the right staff which at times will come with cost implications. The expenses of paying salaries would cost a whopping $1.6 million on yearly basis, Underwood knew that to replace a staff would bring a lot of costs.

Spin problem questions

  1. Problem Question One

Is there any danger of entrusting trainers with the training materials?

  • Problem Question Two

Is the current pricing model set up pleasing?

  • Problem Question Three

Is it really that hard to bring on board the competent staff in the given positions?

  • Problem Question Four

Does the customized material model indicate any reliability issues?

Section Three: Implications to the Training Associates

Training Associates Implications Analysis

  1. The implication which is related to Problem One

One of the principal issues is the measure of retractions that came on account of ill-equipped mentors. The future ramifications that may come if this issue isn’t settled are that they may lose an ever-increasing number of customers. Without the legitimate framework and staff set up there, the potential dangers can have a hefty cost for the organization.

  • Implication two to the analysis related to problem two

The subsequent issue is that mentors are compelled to ensure preparing materials show up at the preparation site. The future ramifications that may come from this not getting settled is an ever-increasing number of coaches may discover different freedoms where they can accomplish a similar work however not need to stress over specialized issues. Losing staff to outside rivalry can have genuine repercussions on the picture of the organization.

  • Implication three for analysis related to problem three

Another issue is that there have been times when some unacceptable materials were sent to some unacceptable preparing site. Despite the fact that in the model the two customers weren’t baffled about this occurrence, this could happen to the customer that pays attention to the issue more and may choose to leave working with Training Associates. Losing a customer in light of mislabelling can prompt loss of positions and more limitations set up.

  • Implication four for analysis related to problem four

The last issue is a decrease in staff efficiency. Not having the option to have all the staff important to take care of business could be a motivation behind why a portion of different issues has come up. Despite the fact that there might be some monetary components that could have an impact on staffing, it’s imperative to have the perfect measure of bodies ready to do the predetermined work

Spin Implications Questions

  1. Implication Question is related to problem 1

If you do not have the correct number of staff how can the work get completed properly?

  • Implication question Two related to problem two

Does misbehaving have an effect on the overall production cycle?

  • Implication Question three related to Problem

Does the quality of presentations that are being affected by the unprepared trainers show up on time?

  • Implication question four related to problem four

Doesn’t the combination of preparedness and presentation affect if your clients move somewhere else?

Section four: FedEx Office Solutions

FedEx Office Solutions to training Associates Problem

  1. FedEx Office Solution One

It can partner with Training Associates in the number of cancellations

  • FedEx Office Solution Two

Making sure there are customized materials

  • FedEx Office Solution Three

The last problem is the decline in staff productivity

Section 5: Benefits to training associates

Benefits to the identities FedEx Office Solutions

  1. The benefit of FedEx Office Solution number one

FedEx Office can assist in this area by partnering exclusively with Training Associates to ship their training materials to the training sites on time.

  •  Benefit (to Training Associates) of FedEx Office Solution #2

FedEx Office would be in control of making sure that the proper customized materials are sent to the right site.

  • Benefit (to Training Associates) of FedEx Office Solution #3

FedEx Office can help in this area by partnering with Training Associates and sending out members of their staff to assist in the areas that Training Associates is lacking.

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